Group asks for change of Stapleton neighborhood named after KKK member

Flyers Remind Residents of Stapleton’s Association With the KKK

Denver’s Ku Klux Klan past lurks in Stapleton neighborhood’s name; activists say change it

Should Stapleton’s name be changed?

Colorado’s long history — and uncertain present — with the KKK and other hate groups

What’s in a Name?

Stapleton: Residents Begin the Name Change Discussion

Discussion about Stapleton Name Continues

Conversations About “Stapleton” Continue

Erasing Stapleton’s name wouldn’t address today’s segregation

November SUN News and Events

Changes in Stapleton Signage

Satire from the Stapletonion

‘For too long, they have generated harm’: the fight to remove offensive monuments in New York

Redeem Stapleton? In name change debate, some want to figure out how, and others wonder why you would want to

Community Forums Held to Discuss Stapleton Name Change

Residents Seek to Change Community Name Linked to Mayor with Racist KKK Past

Debate Over Neighborhood Named After Mayor With KKK Connections

Stapleton Considers Renaming Neighborhood

Whither Naming The Neighborhood “Stapleton?”

Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood reckons with its namesake’s KKK ties

The Stapleton Name: What’s next? And what are people saying?


The Stapleton Foundation nixes the S-word from its name


Commentary: Time To Confront An Ugly Past

Downtown Denver YMCA will be renamed for Benjamin F. Stapleton Jr.

Activists Gather for Stapleton Name Change at Community Meeting

This Group Wants the Stapleton Neighborhood Renamed

Stapleton Name Change Discussion Heating Up

Stapleton: Do neighborhood residents want to dump the name?

What’s in a Name?

Majority of Students Want Stapleton Name Removed from Charter Schools

Stapleton residents will get another chance to change a local organization’s name

Guest Post: Thinking about how to think about naming Stapleton


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