Dr. Gregory Diggs touched many lives and used his talents to improve the quality of life wherever he was present. Upon learning of his passing I was hurt–devastated to say the least. As the news spread and the typical suggestions rolled in, I thought we could do something better and more befitting his legacy than the typical tributes. I asked one person to help me start and endowed scholarship fund in Dr. Gregory Diggs name. The process was simple–ask 1000 people to donate $100, one time to create this endowment. Within a week we received over 200 pledges and we just started accepting the donations through Tennessee State University in care of the Beta Omicron Alumni Association. An organization that he helped establish many years ago. How befitting that we use the agency that he helped create to honor him. To that end, I am asking my friends, family, acquaintances, and total strangers to help be a part of something great. Join me in honoring this great man by pledging to contribute $100 and become 1 of 1000. When we all have helped our children course through the Scholarship Catalogs and we see these scholarships, this is how they are started in some cases. This is how we are bringing this scholarship for Dr. Diggs to Fruition. If you can, please join us in making this project a reality… [Donations] are tax deductible and you will receive a letter from Tennessee State University showing you have indeed invested in this worthy cause. I have a few friends that have $100,000 that they can donate–but those friends are rare. For most of us, this is what the power of multiplicity looks like and can do. Help us reach this goal. No banquets, no balls, no hotel rubber chicken—just a donation. Thank you.”

Reginald Hicks
Alpha Phi Alpha
Mu Chi Spring 89
Kappa Gamma Lambda

  1. ​Go to Dr. Gregory Diggs Memorial Scholarship Fund
  2. Type in your contribution amount
  3. Type in “In memory of Dr. Gregory Diggs/BO (Beta Omicron)”
  4. Add your personal contact information
  5. Enter your payment in the SQL Secured Payment System and Accept

Donors can also mail gifts to:
TSU Foundation
3500 John A. Merritt Blvd, Box 9542
Nashville, TN 37209

*Checks should be made payable to the TSU Foundation with “In memory of Dr. Gregory Diggs/BO (Beta Omicron)” in the memo section.