DENVER FACES Our KKK History Together

Advisory Board—


  1. Jennifer Bacon, Denver School Board (Curriculum development)
  2. Jeannene Bragg, Curious Theater (Arts programs)
  3. Libby Comeaux, attorney, Rename St*pleton for All
  4. Bill de la Cruz, Denver Public Schools (Diversity facilitator)
  5. Terri Gentry, Black American West Museum  
  6. Paul Karolyi, podcaster, “Denver Changes”
  7. Michael Adam Lee, historian, (Denver’s history of anti-Semitism)
  8. Terry Nelson, Manager, Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library
  9. Charlene Porter, author Boldfaced Lies
  10. Patrick Teegarden, Board Chairman, SDC
  11. James Walsh, historian UC Denver ; and Director, The Romero Troupe (Catholic and labor history)
  12. Jackie St. Joan, Convener, Rename St*pleton for All,


The Board meets monthly, usually on the fourth Friday of the month, 3:30-5 pm at the Wellington Webb Bldg.